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Review: Dubsado

Dubsado is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that I have used since the start of my business. It features a full set of tools that I have found the be curated towards creatives that work on a project based jobs. The versatility of Dubsado itself is amazing, along with their amazing support team (who will even help you migrate for free).

Workflows, and the Versatility of it all
I have tried many services dubbed for solopreneurs, but none come close to the usability of Dubsado. Dubsado is built around one core thing: incoming leads. From there, you decide how your client’s info (job date, deadlines) will behave. From the moment someone fills out your website form, to the time of booking, Dubsado has the ability to automate task like emails, follow-ups, questionnaires, contracts, and even invoicing. Being family-oriented, I like to conserve as much time, and before I was manually sending emails, copy and pasting, and forwarding. It was an uphill battle to keep my inbox free, but with Dubsado, it does all for me through their powerful customizable workflows.

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