Allistair Lee

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pocket Insider. Allistair has been a tech enthusiast since he was at the age of 15. His current interest includes Android smartphones and tablets, among many other devices.

May, 2015

  • 29 May

    Google I/O 2015: Google JUMP

    Google made an exciting announcement for video content creators during its annual developer conference. Beginning this summer, Google will be launching a new platform named JUMP that should make it easier for people to record, stitch, and publish stereoscopic virtual reality video. Google’s launch partner, GoPro, will soon begin selling a JUMP-compatible 360-degree camera array …

  • 29 May

    Google I/O 2015: Android Pay, Android's Next Mobile Payment

    Google unveiled its next generation mobile payments yesterday at its annual developer conference, Google I/O, with Android Pay. Android Pay, very much like Google Wallet, allows users to use their smartphone to make payments. The change is an effort by Google to reclaim its momentum in the area of mobile …

  • 29 May

    Google Now 2015: Now on Tap

    Google announced Now On Tap on its annual conference for developers yesterday. To put it simply, Now On Tap is the improved version of Google Now but the idea behind Now On Tap is to make it smarter and faster, and make it work (almost) anywhere. It focuses on 3 specific area: understanding …

  • 28 May

    Google I/O 2015: Android M Developer Preview

    Google announced the Android M developer preview, which focuses on “polish and quality” and “literally fixes thousands of bugs” during its developer event today. With Android M, Google has focused on six key areas to improve the user experience. Read below to find out what they are:- Permissions Manager – Just like …

  • 28 May

    Google I/O 2015: Google Announced Google Photos

    One of the biggest announcement from Google’s I/O 2015 keynote was Google Photos. The new service is launching later today and will provide free unlimited cloud storage for both photos and videos. The only caveat is that photos have a maximum 16-megapixel size, while video is limited to 1080p footage. This is …