Wednesday , September 23 2020


Review: Motorola Moto 360 (2015)

The second generation Motorola Moto 360 takes the design up a notch with two sizes, 42 mm and 46 mm, and some pretty nice Moto Maker customization. It can be ordered with a contrasting bezel and a variety of leather and stainless link bands. Let’s take a quick look at …

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Review: Myo Armband

In recent years, the gesture-based control market has blossom. We have Microsoft’s Kinect and LeapMotion, both aimed at offering better user experience. And then comes the Myo Armband. If you have not heard of the Myo Armband, you must not miss it. The armband works by monitoring the change of bioelectricity, which …

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Review: Oaxis Star.21

The Star.21, a wearable fitness tracker created by Taiwan-based company, Oaxis, was one of the many products that was made a reality thanks to crowd funding. Back in 2014, Oaxis turned to Pozible to start the funding of this fitness tracker and completely blew it out of the water with …

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Review: Basis Peak

Today’s smartwatches are essentially compact computers, possessing many capabilities similar to today’s mobile devices. That would be a more apt comparison, especially since the Basis Peak posses capability similar to today’s popular fitness tracking apps. The Basis Peak, from Intel, is the newest in the line of fitness wearables. It …

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Review: Martian Voice Command

After much initial success with the Martian Notifier, Martian is back with their new smartwatch, Martian Voice Command. The Voice Command comes in 3 different designs; Passport, Victory and G2G . The watch is very much like the Notifier with the exception of the embedded speakers. We’ll be covering the …

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