Review: Tronsmart Type-C Quick Car Charger

The launch of newer generation devices also created a new standard for USB ports as it progresses. The standard USB Type-A that has been widely used in many major devices will now eventually adopt the new USB Type-C standard. The shift began with both Apple and Google adopting USB Type-C …

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Review: Air Dock 2.0

Following its massive success, the creator of the original Air Dock is back with version 2.0, the long awaited release that bridges the gap between the original and 2.0. The Air Dock 2.0 is essentially a wireless charging car dock for smartphones and it does that without the requirements for clips or clamps …

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Review: TYLT VU Wireless Charger

With more devices featuring wireless charging, investing in a wireless charger isn’t such bad idea. After all, being able to set the device down on a pad on the desk seems nice; instead of hassling around to plug in the charging cable. There are lots of wireless charging solutions out there and TYLT added the …

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