Guide: How to Extend Android Wear Battery Life

Like many new smartwatches that were recently released, they all suffer from the same issue – battery life. Most of them would require frequent charging and users would be lucky to get through a whole day with medium to heavy usage on the wearable device. What some users find even …

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Guide: Enable Developer Options in Android

Developer Options allows users to enable USB Debugging, access ADB settings, keeping the screen on while charging, etc. As the name suggests, it is meant for developers and advanced users who want to completely customize their devices. For example, if a user wants to root an Android device, the first step to do …

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A Brief History of Android

  Android is an operating system which is maintained by Google, and is used for mobile phones and tablets. Over the years, there have been multiple versions released each with its own name. Android’s standard layout involves a series of “Home” screens, which contain shortcuts to apps, in addition to …

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