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Design & Build Quality

We highly recommend that everyone give FlatLight a try. Yes, it is a little pricey, but it’s definitely worth it. Not to mention that the replacement battery is cheap. No more fumbling with your smartphone. Simply reach into your pocket and get the FlatLight out.

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FlatLight, Tater Tot Designs‘ recent product, is an ultra-thin, super bright, fiber optic light. Powered by two replaceable coin cell batteries, the FlatLight illuminates the way for up to 10 hours of continuous use. It is perfect for a purse or pocket, glove box or toolbox. It’s just the right amount of light that you can see what you need without your eyes needing time to adjust.


  • Ultra-thin Credit Card Sized Flashlight (51 X 91mm)
  • Super Bright LED Backlight
  • 10+ Hour Run Time
  • Includes 2 CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries (Replaceable)
  • Durable Construction with Backlit Logo


Design & Build Quality

The FlatLight’s design is pretty unique. Sporting a thin profile (< 3.5mm), the Flatlight is more than just a light. It has built-in intelligence to optimize battery life while providing enough light to illuminate a room.

We really love the quality of the FlatLight. Judging by the quality of it, we can tell that the company has invest a lot of time in the built quality. And the result? A sturdy product with a nice feel to it. The company claims that “the circuit board is designed to withstand typical use and abuse seen in a purse or in your back pocket.” Though we haven’t spend enough time with it yet to abuse it, we can see why the company makes that claim.


The FlatLight uses an array of LEDs mounted on a flexible printed circuit board that transmit light into a flat fiber optic backlight. The backlight redirects and distributes the light to evenly emit from the lens. A specially configured processor controls the functions and controls the duty cycle of the LEDs so they run at a brighter level. The processor also gives the device the advantage of some additional features, including extended run-time, a sleep time out, duty cycle corrections, and low-voltage shut off.

Aside from the graphic at the back of the FlatLight, you will find the 2 replaceable battery under it. Simply lift the bottom back and voila!


A quick demonstration of FlatLight in a dark environment.

Fianl Thoughts

Last but definitely not least, the pricing of this item. For $19.99 each, it is quite pricey. You can easily pick up a LED torchlight for less than $10. However, it’s difficult to carry a torchlight around compared to a FlatLight. So, if you want the convenience of having an ultra-thin emergency fiber optic light around and don’t mind paying a little more, it is definitely a great product to have.

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