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Design & Build Quality

Overall, this is probably the easiest indoor garden solution to use on the market. It is perfect for someone who is not a green thumb but would love to watch one grow. Price might be a little too pricey for green thumbs though.

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Gadget loving gardeners now have another way to keep their thumbs a nice shade of green. The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home. Get ready to grow your favorite herbs and spices at home without worrying whether the plants have enough water, nutrients or light. Just plug it into the wall and add water, the smart device takes care of everything else.


  • Size: 11.8” length x 4.7” width x 11.4” max height
  • Weight: ~850 g
  • Built-in light contains 2 LEDs, 3W each
  • Electricity plug compatible in US, continental Europe, the UK and most other countries with standardized plugs



The packaging of the Smart Herb Garden is really simple, yet well thought out. It displayed the product perfectly in its packaging, with all the necessary information needed.

Even the refill cartridges have all the information on the plant itself; image, description, and the growth information of the plant.

All we can say is that a lot of thoughts have been put into the packaging itself, which we are sure that everyone will love it. Well done Click & Grow!

Design & Build Quality

The Smart Herb Garden’s design looks like a rectangular box with rounded corners and is charmingly simplistic. An LED light arm sits on the side of the unit, while the water reservoir indicator sits on the other end of the unit.

The plastic mold unit itself seems pretty sturdy and solid, and it is easily detachable for cleaning if needed. So far, we like the design and the quality of the unit.


The Smart Herb Garden has a built-in LED light and can grow up to 3 plants at the same time. Using only 6W of energy, it should only cost about $5 /year, which is great. However, we’re disappointed when we found out that there is no way to adjust the time when to have the LEDs turned on and off. The only way to do it is to time when to plug the Smart Herb Garden in. Every time the Smart Herb Garden is plugged in, it will start its cycle, which is to turn on for 16 hours and then off for the remaining 8 hours.  

The real magic of the Click & Grow concept is the cartridge. Smart Herb Garden uses a special composite as a growth medium. The composite is actually the result of nano technology. Using this nano-particle composite, plants are able to efficiently access water and other essential nutrients. This makes plant maintenance an easy matter.


At the bottom of the cartridge, there’s a hole that lines up with the bottom of the cartridge chamber. This is where the water from the unit will be regulated into the cartridges.

We like how each cartridge comes with a plastic dome too. The reason for to give the growing plants a greenhouse effect. This is particularly important for the growing seedlings because it keeps the seeds moist and warm, the key to germination.

Final Thoughts

Originally, the Smart Herb Garden was expected to retail for $79, but it seems that the price went up to $99. Refill cartridges will be between $5 and $15, depending on which plants are you getting. That’s really expensive for what amounts to 3 tabletop herbs. By comparison, a local Trader Joe’s sells a small pot of growing basil for $3.99. Granted, it doesn’t come with all the technologies, but still, Click & Grow is asking for a lot of money for plant that is designed to last for less than two years. But I guess in return, plant maintenance is a lot less hassle.

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  1. Thats awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  2. I got this for Christmas and I love it already. I live in the northeast and garden outdoors as soon as I’m able to, but our growing season is fairly short. For most people, buying that 3.99 plant at Trader Joe’s is a great option in the summer but not so much in the winter. Growing herbs inside in the winter involve finding the sunniest window possible and remembering to rotate the plant when it bends to the light source. The other option is getting a grow light, plugging it into a timer, and rigging that up somewhere above the plant. This takes the hassle out of that whole situation for me. For the price, it’s a great gift but not something I would buy for myself. I think the price is much too high, $50 would be more reasonable.

  3. I got one for Christmas as well, I was looking so forward to getting it, I’ve had an aerogarden before and I loved it. This one was more streamlined and I was so happy when I received it. The basil started growning, I uncoverd the plants and I everything was going well when the basil plants starting getting these small holes in them. I’m not a novice gardener, It looked like an insect had gotten to them. Which is odd because I have Orchids and many other plants including other basils growning in the same room. I’ve tried to get in touch with the manufacturing but to no avail. I can’t even get their website to open, it just keeps loading and loading. I get emails from them regarding new plants they are offering. I’m very disappointed in the whole thing. I finally took it apart and shelved it.

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