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The Jabra Stealth is definitely an impressive and comfortable Bluetooth headset that features superior audio quality together with long battery life in a tiny form factor.

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Jabra announced both the Jabra Storm and Jabra Stealth at IFA 2014 – their next generation Bluetooth headsets that raises the bar when it comes to user experience. Compared to the Storm, the Stealth is significantly smaller, lighter and more discreet. It also offers better comfort without compromising on the audio quality. Before we go any further, let’s take a quick look at the key features of this device again.


  • Smartphone voice control button for remote activation of Siri/Google Now
  • Noise blackout dual microphone reduces background noise
  • HD Voice for high definition sound quality
  • NFC for easy pairing
  • Stream music, podcasts or GPS directions
  • Up to 6 hours talk time


Design & Build Quality

The first thing we notice when we got the Jabra Stealth is its incredibly thin and lightweight design. The headset has a black silicon rubber finish with a silver trim on the outer side. Along this silver trim is the Jabra logo, which is also the Answer/End Call button, a Bluetooth indicator and the microphone. On the bottom of the headset is the voice control button for remote activation of Siri/Google Now.

On the other side of the headset is the power switch and a microUSB charging port with cover.

We really like the build quality of the headset considering the size of the headset itself. It definitely feels sturdy and has a premium feel to it.

Battery Life

Jabra rated the Stealth with up to 6 hours of talk time. We found this to be a fairly accurate as we got somewhere between 6 to 7 hours on a single charge. With an average of 10 calls per day, each lasting about 15 minutes, we managed to get about 3 days out of it before needing to recharge. And this is with the device powered on the entire time. It takes approximately 2 hours for the headset to be fully charged.

Audio Quality

The audio quality on the Jabra Stealth is great. All our incoming calls were crystal clear; there were no complaints either from the other end of the line. This is due to Jabra’s noise cancellation technology, Noise Blackout, which filters out all ambient noise apart from the user’s voice. Paired together with HD Voice, it ensures crystal clear sound at both ends of the call.


Like the Jabra Storm, Jabra Stealth features NFC connectivity for pairing purposes. A quick tap to the charging port with a NFC-enabled smartphone and it will be paired within seconds.

The Jabra Stealth also features the microPOWER technology, which allows for a significantly smaller design, longer talk time and a better comfort experience. But unlike the Storm, the Jabra Stealth lacks the volume rocker. So to adjust the volume level, users will need to use the smartphone’s volume control.

Due to the Stealth’s small profile design, there’s a high tendency that users will misplace it. Thus, Jabra has included a “Find My Jabra” feature in its Jabra Assist app to ensure users will be able to locate their missing headset.

It works by saving the headset’s location automatically when the it is connected or disconnected. There’s also a “Beacon” feature that will cause the headset to emit a siren-like sound. Check the video below for a quick demo of the feature.

Real-World Test

We find the Jabra Stealth to be surprisingly comfortable. Due to its lightweight profile, we sometimes forget that we have it on. We did not notice any connection issues while paired with our HTC One M8. In fact, it paired within seconds of turning on the Stealth. Voice commands worked flawlessly as it lends the technology from Google and we were able to make calls using just voice.

Final Thoughts

The Jabra Stealth’s sleek design not only offers great battery life, but it’s also comfortable to wear all day long. Featuring Jabra’s latest sound enhancement technologies, like the Noise Blackout, which reduces background noise from conversations, teamed together with HD voice, it ensures crystal clear conversations at both ends of the call.

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