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Design & Build Quality
Battery Life

The ZAGG Slim Book not only adds protection to the iPad but it also looks great while at it. With the new long-lasting lithium polymer battery coupled with the backlit keyboard, it is definitely worth the $129.99 investment.

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The ZAGG Slim Book is the company’s newest keyboard case offering for Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini. It features an ultra-thin keyboard with a detachable iPad cover, which offers maximum protection along with maximum productivity and portability. Let’s take a look at the some of the key features of the keyboard case again before moving on to our review.


  • Four Modes: Converts into a Keyboard, Video, Case, and Book mode
  • Multi-Angled: Its unique hinge offers 135° of viewing angles, just like a laptop
  • Lasting: A powerful lithium polymer battery provides up to two years of regular use between charges


Design & Build Quality

The ZAGG Slim Book not only has a sleek design, but it’s also one of the lighter keyboard case we’ve used thus far. The case fits our iPad Air extremely well. The precise cutouts provide easy access to all the iPad’s buttons as well as the charging port, headphone jack, rear camera and speakers. It allows users to fully utilized their iPad while offering maximum protection.

The ZAGG Slim Book has a very sturdy build. The exterior of the Slim Book is made out of hard plastic with a black matte finish. While it may seem like the keyboard’s surface is also made out of hard plastic with a silver paint finish, that is not the case. The keyboard’s surface is made out of aluminum, giving it an elegant and clean look.

Overall, the ZAGG Slim Book has a really well thought out design with great build quality. Kudos to ZAGG on this.

Battery Life

ZAGG rated the Slim Book’s keyboard with up to 2 years of usage between charges, with regular usage (without the backlit feature on) of one hour per day. Using the backlit feature will definitely have an impact on the battery life, but if users do not need the backlit feature, that’s an impressive 730 hours of regular usage! We’ve been using the Slim Book for a week with at least 6 hours of usage a day with the backlit feature on and it’s not even close to needing a charge yet. Pretty impressive.


The ZAGG Slim Book is detachable into two parts; the iPad cover and keyboard. This is made possible by a magnetic hinge. The advantage to having this magnetic hinge is it allows users to flip the cover around and use the iPad in 4 different orientation; keyboard, case, video and book. The keyboard orientation allows users to use the Slim Book like a normal laptop while the case orientation is basically just a closed Slim Book. For the video and book orientation, users can easily get to those orientations by flipping the cover around, thanks to the magnetic hinge which allows for easy detachment.

One tiny flaw that we noticed was there is not a way to use the iPad in portrait mode while the Slim Book is in the keyboard orientation. While we don’t think that this will be a major issue, it would be nice to be able to have both landscape and portrait mode available to users.

The keyboard itself has a top row function keys, which is extremely helpful as it provides various shortcuts for iOS, ranging from the Home to Siri to volume controls and such. While the keyboard buttons are not as spaced out as a normal keyboard, we definitely have no problem typing on it. We also like that ZAGG has included the backlit feature for the keyboard.

Final Thoughts

The ZAGG Slim Book is one of the better, if not best, of the ZAGG’s keyboard case lineups. The whole setup remains slim and lightweight for users to slip it into a bag without much added bulk or weight. With the magnetic hinge, users can detach the iPad without much hassle if they want to use it without the keyboard.

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  1. Apparently the case easily slips out from the magnetic hinge when opening up the screen from the clamshell position. So you open, the case (iPad) comes out from the hinge, then you have to reattach. Likewise if you are trying to change the viewing angle or use it in book mode.

  2. Thirst82  We did not have that problem. Instead, it’s the opposite for us; getting it out from the hinge due to the 9 magnetic strong magnets.

    You probably had one with weak magnets. Check and see if you can get an exchange and see if that problem persist.

  3. I just received mine, the magnets are not the issue. The case holding the Ipad is the issue. When I open from the clamshell position the bottom of the Ipad pops out of the bottom and I need to pop it back in. I will return it to Zagg to see if I can get a better one. Did you have an issue with it not staying in the case? How about keystrokes being missed? Thanks

  4. BrianActon Try getting a replacement and see if the issue persist. We didn’t have the issue either. We did our entire review using the Slim Book and we had a couple keystroke misses but not often enough to be seen as an issue.

  5. Can a 7′ Android Tablet fit in this?  Is there an equivalent slimbook for Android 7′ tablets?

  6. Laura721 No, this is specifically for the iPad Air. Currently, there is no Slim Book equivalent for Android tablets. The closest you can get (if you’re using Nexus 7) is the MiniSuit Keyboard Stand Case.

  7. I love this case only problem was that it broke at the bottom that attaches to the magnet, then I had a problem with it popping out of the case. I exchanged it for another and will take extra care when opening the case. It seems the hinge is to tight and cases pressure against the case that the IPAD is in.

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