Google I/O 2016: Google Home

At the opening Google I/O keynote yesterday, Google previewed Google Home, the competitor to Amazon Echo. Much like Amazon Echo, Google Home is a Wi-Fi speaker in which it will be powered by Google Assistant, the new smarter and more contextual digital assistant from Google. Users will be able to customize the device, allowing it to blend in any part of one’s home.


Google Home also supports Google Cast and is capable of streaming high quality music right from the cloud, instead of streaming it from the device over Bluetooth. The speaker can also connect with other Cast-connected speakers for multi-speaker support.


In the demo video shown, Google Home was used to check up on schedule, the traffic to office, checking the status of a package, and even using it to directly cast something to the living room TV.

Google Home will be launching later this year, but Google is already inviting developers to start developing for it.

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