Review: RAVPower Ace 22000 mAh External Battery

Design & Build Quality
Battery Life

The RAVPower 22000 is possibly one of the best external battery pack out in the market now. Not only it has a high capacity, it is also affordable. Definitely a must have, especially on a long journeys.

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RAVPower recently added the RAVPower Ace 22000 to its Ace series lineup. With today’s power-hungry devices, it’s not surprising to see more companies are offering high capacity external battery packs. However, will it stand up to our expectation? Let’s find out.


  • Triple iSmart 2.0 USB for a total current output of 5.8A and 2.4A max per port
  • Weeklong 22000mAh; Fully charge iPhone 6s up to 9 times, a Galaxy S7 up to 5 times, or an iPad Mini more than 2 times
  • Long-lasting efficiency with the high-density Li-polymer battery that retains up to 70-80% of its full capacity after 500 charge-discharge cycles
  • Smart & safe using the new and improved iSmart 2.0 charging technology
  • Made with UL94 V-0 fire-resistant thermoplastic alloy (PC/ABS) shell provided by Germany-based Bayer Technology Services


Design & Build Quality

Weighing at 15 oz., the RAVPower Ace 22000 measures at 6.5″ x 2.8″ x 0.9″, which is just a little smaller than the RAVPower 20100.

The design of the RAVPower Ace 22000 is very minimal. Located on the end of the external battery pack is three iSmart USB ports. There is also a micro-USB port on the side for charging, along with the power button on the opposite side. Lastly, there’s the LED battery indicators located at the top along with RAVPower’s logo.

Like the RAVPower 20100, it has a smooth matte black finish, which does not attract fingerprints. The RAVPower Ace 22000 also feels very solid and durable.

We really love the overall simplicity design and build quality of the RAVPower Ace 22000.

Battery Life

The RAVPower Ace 22000 features a 22,000 mAh capacity with three iSmart USB ports. The iSmart ports “intelligently” detects the charging needs of any connected device and automatically deliver an output to perfectly match each specific product, allowing for maximum efficiency with zero limitations. It also has a microUSB port, which is utilized for recharging the external battery pack.

The panel of four, blue LED battery indicators allow users to quickly check the remaining battery or when the external battery pack is fully charged. Each LED indicator indicates 25% charge.

Real-World Test

Most external battery packs in the market now have multiple USB ports, allowing users to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The RAVPower Ace 22000 is no different. With a total output of 5.8A, the RAVPower Ace 22000 is capable of charging both fully depleted iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S in under 80 minutes, which is pretty impressive.

However, the recharging time of the RAVPower Ace 22000 is not as great as we had hoped. It took us about 9.5 hours to recharge the external battery pack from empty to full.

Final Thoughts

The RAVPower Ace 22000 is a perfect companion for traveling techies. The three iSmart USB ports have a total output of 5.8A for fast charging times. Paired that with its solid build quality, the RAVPower Ace 22000 is definitely one of the best external battery pack in the market to date.

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