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Review: Carved Wood Cases

Design & Build Quality

The Carved wood cases are really great with its slim rubber bumper profile and amazing design on the back, providing all around protection for devices. We would highly recommend these Carved wood cases to anyone that's looking for a great case for their devices.

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Carved, a company based in Elkhart, Indiana, strives to provide beautiful wood cases for their customers and we think that they are doing a pretty good job. The wood cases are beautifully handmade and in our opinion, they have some of the best designs. Let’s take a deeper dive at the cases.


  • Real wood case back handmade with protective slim black rubber bumper and raised front edge/bezel
  • Unique natural wood grain and finish, handmade in Indiana, USA
  • Precision laser cut and engraved wood cover, all natural wood finish
  • Slim design, maximum protection, minimum bulk and provides a protective armor for your phone. Combine with a glass screen protector for maximum protection!


Design & Build Quality

Handmade in Elkhart, Indiana, the Carved wood cases have a thin profile, with its slim black rubber bumper and wooden panel on the back. Our first impression upon fitting it on our devices is how great it feels in our hands. The cases also fit snugly and perfectly on our devices.

The rubber bumper offers great edge protection while the raised bezel offers screen protection when laying the device faced down. Not to mention, the cutouts for the camera, headphones jack, and speakers are precise too.

We can tell that the company really puts a lot of attention into the design of their cases. There are even grooves made on both sides of the cases offering better grips to help prevent accidental slips.

Now, on the back of the Carved wood cases are where these cases are unique. We received the Grand Teton design for our iPhone 6S and the craftsmanship is superb. The designs are absolutely amazing with every single details carved out perfectly.

On the inside of the cases are signatures of the people that put their utmost efforts into designing and creating the Carved wood cases. This shows that they are proud of their craftsmanship and also showing the commitment to provide their best to their customers.

Overall, we really love these cases. From its design to build quality, the Carved wood cases are absolutely stunning.

Final Thoughts

All the Carved cases are handmade and made with real wood. With its slim rubber bumper and the wood back design, the cases provide great protections all around. The attention to details on the wood back designs are amazing as well. Additionally, users can get their own custom art work designed in the Carved wood cases. We really love these cases and would highly recommend them to anyone that’s looking for get a great case for their devices.

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One comment

  1. I know it’s 2 years later, but maybe someone will stumble upon this and find it helpful..
    The cases are beautiful. They seemed to buy a lot of work in these. The delivery was far faster than I expected.
    That being said, if you’re considering buying one and drop your phone occasionally, then don’t buy the bamboo one. It’s been a few years since I’ve bought one so maybe the bamboo ones are sturdier now, but the first one dropped off my coffee table and the case I had split in half. I shrugged and figured it was faulty, so I ordered another bamboo one.
    That one lasted a week. I had set the phone on the coffee table and all was well. I should have known better. My doofus dog decided he was a super happy doofus and he game running full tilt towards me. As he stood there grinning at me with his tail going 300 miles a minute, he scooted one step the the left, got himself facing the direction he wanted, and promptly tore off hoping I’d give chase. Unfortunately, in his haste to run away, his tail hit the phone and, I’m sure you can guess, knocked the phone off the table again and split in 2.
    The sad part is that I really love these cases, but now I’m a bit concerned about even the other hard wood ones.

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