Review: TYLT VU Wireless Charger

Design & Build Quality

Though the TYLT VU is a little pricey, it is one of our favorite wireless chargers. In terms of charging, it works just as expected. The charger is designed to work like a stand. With the added charging indicator, users will never miss a charge, ever again.

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With more devices featuring wireless charging, investing in a wireless charger isn’t such bad idea. After all, being able to set the device down on a pad on the desk seems nice; instead of hassling around to plug in the charging cable. There are lots of wireless charging solutions out there and TYLT added the TYLT VU wireless charger to the market. Let’s take a look at it.


  • Qi Compatible
  • Charging Indicator Light
  • Soft Touch Surface
  • Cable Management
  • 45 Degree Viewing Angle
  • AC Wall Charger included
  • Available in Green, Red, Blue, and Black


Design & Build Quality

The TYLT VU is one great looking wireless charger, probably one of the best ones out there. It comes in four different colors; lime green, blue, red, and black. It’s difficult to imagine a desk where these wouldn’t look amazing. The charger stand is angled at 45 degrees in the portrait position, which makes it easy for users to look at the display of their devices.

The charger is made from a durable material, with a soft finish. This is great as it’ll prevent user’s devices from getting all scratched up.


At the bottom of the TYLT VU, users will notice a charging indicator. This is one feature that we really liked, as we can tell by that if our devices are charging. If it’s not, the light indicator will light up red, indicating to the users that the device is not placed correctly. A green indicator means that it is charging the device.

Real-World Test

Using our Nexus 4 and 5, it will charge sitting on the VU either in a vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) position. We noticed that we were able to lift the devices away, parallel to the surface, up to about a ¼-inch before the charging was disconnected. This could potentially indicated that users are able to charge their devices with their casing attached. We tried it with our Nexus 5 and it worked wonderfully. The charging time also seems to be about the same as using a microUSB charging cable.

Final Thoughts

At $69.99, the TYLT VU won’t be the cheapest Qi wireless charger out in the market but it will be one of the better ones. Though this is one of our favorite Qi wireless charger to date, we can’t justify spending $70 for the charger itself.

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