Saturday , September 18 2021


Review: ZealSound HDE-300 in-ear earphones

ZealSound, an upcoming company founded by a group of music enthusiast, recently released the ZealSound HDE-300 in-ear earphones. What sets the earphones apart with other traditional company was the usage of wood housing. The only color option available at the moment is the black edition. Let’s take a quick look at the …

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Review: Munitio Pro40 Headphones

According to the survey undertaken by The NPD Group, we are able to see that in recent years, the percent of individuals listening to music via dedicated media players such as Apple’s iPod, SanDisk’s Sansa and Microsoft’s Zune have been gradually decreasing. That said, we can also see from the …

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Review: Munitio NINES Earphones

Music and personal audio equipment has been around for a long time, but there has never been a time when more individuals are listening to music through iPods, smartphones, tablets or even personal computers. Munitio, a relatively new player in the audio industry, hopes to cause a stir with its …

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Review: BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds

A majority of the Bluetooth earphones targeted for the consumers with an active lifestyle are either very bulky or have a hard-structured band that goes behind-the-head to connect both earpieces. It is not often that a Bluetooth earphone fits the criteria of compact and flexible; and that is exactly what the …

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Review: Jabra Stealth

Jabra announced both the Jabra Storm and Jabra Stealth at IFA 2014 – their next generation Bluetooth headsets that raises the bar when it comes to user experience. Compared to the Storm, the Stealth is significantly smaller, lighter and more discreet. It also offers better comfort without compromising on the audio …

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