Thursday , September 29 2022


Review: Air Dock 2.0

Following its massive success, the creator of the original Air Dock is back with version 2.0, the long awaited release that bridges the gap between the original and 2.0. The Air Dock 2.0 is essentially a wireless charging car dock for smartphones and it does that without the requirements for clips or clamps …

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Review: Munitio Pro40 Headphones

According to the survey undertaken by The NPD Group, we are able to see that in recent years, the percent of individuals listening to music via dedicated media players such as Apple’s iPod, SanDisk’s Sansa and Microsoft’s Zune have been gradually decreasing. That said, we can also see from the …

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Review: Munitio NINES Earphones

Music and personal audio equipment has been around for a long time, but there has never been a time when more individuals are listening to music through iPods, smartphones, tablets or even personal computers. Munitio, a relatively new player in the audio industry, hopes to cause a stir with its …

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Review: ClamCase Pro for iPad Air

ClamCase was one of the first companies to make a keyboard case for the Apple iPad, turning the tablet into a laptop computer. Their latest release, ClamCase Pro, is 25% thinner and 45% lighter than the previous model. The case also features a patented 360-degree rotating hinge so users can flip their …

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Review: EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10k

Most of the battery packs in the market now are fairly huge, especially those that offers more than 10,000 mAh capacity. EnerPlex is trying to change the game by offering a 10,000 mAh battery pack that’s only 6.7 mm thick. Before we move on with our review, let’s take a …

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