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Review: RAVPower Ace 22000 mAh External Battery

RAVPower recently added the RAVPower Ace 22000 to its Ace series lineup. With today’s power-hungry devices, it’s not surprising to see more companies are offering high capacity external battery packs. However, will it stand up to our expectation? Let’s find out. Features:- Triple iSmart 2.0 USB for a total current …

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Review: Earin M1

With the upcoming trend of  true wireless headphones, Swedish start-up, Earin, released their first product, the M1. The Earin M1 combines high-end style with industry-leading audio quality to provide users with the best possible wireless listening experience. But will it live up to the expectation? Let’s take an in-depth look. Features:- …

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Review: ZealSound HDE-300 in-ear earphones

ZealSound, an upcoming company founded by a group of music enthusiast, recently released the ZealSound HDE-300 in-ear earphones. What sets the earphones apart with other traditional company was the usage of wood housing. The only color option available at the moment is the black edition. Let’s take a quick look at the …

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Review: Lynktec Rechargeable Apex

The Lynktec Rechargeable Apex is an active fine point stylus that is shaped like a pen, so it feels great in users’ hand. The Apex is compatible with all current iPad models including the iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 2/3/4, and many popular Android devices. Before we move …

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Review: Tronsmart Type-C Quick Car Charger

The launch of newer generation devices also created a new standard for USB ports as it progresses. The standard USB Type-A that has been widely used in many major devices will now eventually adopt the new USB Type-C standard. The shift began with both Apple and Google adopting USB Type-C …

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