Wednesday , November 24 2021


Review: Arctic S111M & S111BT

In the world of mobile technology, portable speakers are very commonly used to accommodate smartphones and even tablets. Arctic, who has a solid track record on various cooling products and earphones now has a pair of solid performing speakers to offer. This is definitely a very competitive segment that Arctic …

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Review: Basis Peak

Today’s smartwatches are essentially compact computers, possessing many capabilities similar to today’s mobile devices. That would be a more apt comparison, especially since the Basis Peak posses capability similar to today’s popular fitness tracking apps. The Basis Peak, from Intel, is the newest in the line of fitness wearables. It …

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Review: Air Dock 2.0

Following its massive success, the creator of the original Air Dock is back with version 2.0, the long awaited release that bridges the gap between the original and 2.0. The Air Dock 2.0 is essentially a wireless charging car dock for smartphones and it does that without the requirements for clips or clamps …

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Review: Munitio Pro40 Headphones

According to the survey undertaken by The NPD Group, we are able to see that in recent years, the percent of individuals listening to music via dedicated media players such as Apple’s iPod, SanDisk’s Sansa and Microsoft’s Zune have been gradually decreasing. That said, we can also see from the …

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Review: BACtrack Mobile

BACtrack Mobile is the latest line of breathalyzer by BACtrack. The device is small enough to fit into your purse or pocket. However, don’t let the size of the device fool you, because this breathalyzer is powerful enough to save your life. Let’s take a quick look at the features again. Features:- …

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