Saturday , September 25 2021


Review: Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

Gadget loving gardeners now have another way to keep their thumbs a nice shade of green. The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home. Get ready to grow your favorite herbs and spices at home without worrying whether the plants have enough water, nutrients or light. …

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Review: TYLT Energi

Running out of battery on your smartphone or tablet can be a real nightmare. It’s made especially worse when you are out of proximity of a wall outlet. Fortunately, TYLT came up with a solution, the Energi portable charger. The TYLT Energi combines a backup rechargeable battery pack with a rapid …

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Review: TYLT Zumo

Last week, we reviewed TYLT PowerPlant. In some ways, the TYLT Zumo is very similar to the PowerPlant. Before we move on, let’s us give you a quick overview of Zumo. The TYLT Zumo is a small and portable back-up charger, designed to be taken on the go to charge a variety …

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Review: TYLT PowerPlant

TYLT, a company which was established back in 2011, has only one goal in mind; to connect to users and their devices. Since then, their focus is innovation in the mobile world and simply to provide high-quality design, with exceptional value to their customers. And with that, we introduce to you …

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Review: FlatLight

FlatLight, Tater Tot Designs‘ recent product, is an ultra-thin, super bright, fiber optic light. Powered by two replaceable coin cell batteries, the FlatLight illuminates the way for up to 10 hours of continuous use. It is perfect for a purse or pocket, glove box or toolbox. It’s just the right amount …

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