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Design & Build Quality

The InvisibleShield Glass is a solid investment in protection. Overall, we liked the ease of installation and its overall durability, not to mention that it also has remarkable image clarity and touch sensitivity.

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Smartphones and tablets nowadays come with scratch resistant glass like the Gorilla Glass 3. However, it is not perfect. Sometimes, objects like sand or hard metals (and diamonds) can still scratch the display. That is why we protect our displays with screen protectors. That’s where the ZAGG’s InvisibleShield Glass comes in. Let’s take a look at its features:-


  • Protective: Made of fortified tempered glass, it delivers unprecedented scratch protection.
  • Crystal Clear: High-grade tempered glass provides ultimate clarity.
  • Guaranteed: InvisibleShield Glass is so good, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Sensitive: At only 0.4mm thin, Glass offers ultimate touchscreen sensitivity.


Design & Build Quality

ZAGG’s InvisibleShield Glass is only 0.4 mm thick and it is made of “fortified scratch-resistant tempered glass” that has a nano-coating to resist oil from fingerprints from building up. Underneath is an adhesive layer that sticks onto the screen for a flush appearance. The glass itself has no tint or anti-glare properties because it’s designed to maintain as much clarity as possible.

The Glass protector comes with a microfiber cloth, a moist screen wipe and a warranty card. It is important that users register their product with ZAGG to ensure a lifetime replacement warranty. Be sure to read the fineprints.


We used the included screen wipe and microfiber cloth to ensure that the screen we’re applying to is as clean as it possibly can be. This is important because the Glass protector isn’t malleable, unlike those film screen protectors which can be easily removed to be reapplied again.

We found the application itself to be easier than expected. The Smart EZ Apply tabs on both ends made the handling and placement much easier for us to align with the device’s screen.

The whole process took us less than two minutes, much less than applying a film screen protector since we did not have to worry much about any trapped air bubbles (except on the edges).

Real-World Test

The Glass protector added a 0.4 mm thickness to our device’s display, but we definitely did not notice it. ZAGG claims that the Glass protector is oil-resistant and after using it for a couple of days, we would have to agree as we’ve seen much lesser smudges or fingerprints on the display, compared to using it without any screen protector at all.

The display is just as clear and bright as it was before, and the viewing angles are unchanged. It was a smooth surface to swipe on, and it feels as though the Glass protector is absent.

Final Thoughts

At $34.99 ($49.99 for tablets), the InvisibleShield Glass is definitely much more expensive. However, this is tempered glass protector, not a layer of film like most screen protectors out there. With its lifetime replacement warranty, we will say that this is a pretty solid investment. The lifetime replacement warranty also includes the option for upgrades, so if users upgrade their devices in future, they’ll be able to replace the Glass protector for a minor upgrade fee.

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