Samsung Debuts Second-Generation Simband

Samsung announced the availability of its second-generation Simband, an open, modular platform for digital health, for developers to build applications that improve people’s health during its second developer conference in San Francisco.


Simband is intended for app developers to build better health and fitness apps. As a reference design, it is not a product for consumers, rather it is a fitness band that can employ an array of sensors to track a variety of health and fitness activities.


“We will not succeed if we do it alone,” said Ram Fish, the Vice President of Mobile Health at Samsung. “To crack it, we need to collaborate.”

In addition to the Simband, Samsung also announced the Samsung Digital Health platform and software developer kit (SDK). The SDH SDK provides developers the tools to track health and fitness through wearable devices, which ties it to a Samsung account.

To make health data available for both commercial and research developers, Samsung also announced an SDK for its SAMIIO, “a cloud-based open software platform capable of bringing together fragmented data from a variety of sources for analysis.” The idea is to make both the health and fitness data available to app developers and institutional researchers.

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