CES 2015: Martian Unveiled New Designs and Guess Partnership

Martian Watches has came a long way since it was founded in 2007 and has revamped their Martian Voice Command with a couple different designs; Martian Aviator, Martian Commander, Martian Electra, and Martian Monarch. All four of the latest 2015 designs come with two different collection; Stainless Steel Collection and Nylon Composite Collection.

Watches - Stainless Steel Collection image

Watches - Nylon Composite Collection image

The new lineup has the same function as the original Martian Passport series, with an improved battery life. It has voice command and phone call controls. It also had a camera mode in which users can take photos with a simple click on the dedicated button on the watch. One function which set the Martian Voice Command series aside from other smart watches is that the vibrations for notifications can be customized to the user’s preference.

Late last year, GUESS Watches and Martian Watches announced a partnership, in which we would see the fashion of GUESS Watches combined with the technology of Martian Watches into one. We managed to catch a glimpse of what came out of their partnership at CES 2015.

Prices are not available at the moment for the 2015 series and the GUESS watches but it will range anywhere between $199 to $399 depending on the series. The 2015 collections will go on sale this summer, with the GUESS collection expected to be in the market in early Q4 2015.

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