Google I/O 2015: What to Expect

With Google I/O 2015 around the corner, we’re expecting to see new details regarding Wear, TV and Auto, and the arrival of Android M, one that would be different from previous and might be less focused on the mobile ecosystem version. Let’s take a look at what talks we have found most interesting and what we believe to be presented.

Android M Preview

No one knows whether the next version of the Android operating system will be dubbed ‘Meringue’, ‘Maltesers’ or ‘Macadamia Nut’, but whatever Google decides to call it, it’s bound to make an appearance at Google I/O 2015.

The leaks so far suggest that Google is going to have a huge push into the workplace by offering “even greater integration”.

It’s an interesting and clear direction for Google to head in and – since it has already starting to align Google Chrome and Android – some type of unified work platform would make sense.

Android TV

Google TV may now be dead, but its successor, Android TV, is just getting started.

Thanks to the success of Google Chromecast and news that Android TV will be built into all of Sony’s 2015 Bravia TVs, it certainly looks like the platform is gaining momentum.

Chromecast 2

The Chromecast streaming stick turns two years old this summer, making it the perfect time for Google to unveil its successor. There’s an I/O session dedicated to building games for Google Cast devices, which will touch on “designing for the mobile and television experience on multiple screens.”

Will the new Chromecast allow for multi-display gaming? We’ll have to wait and see. With Apple expected to revamp its Apple TV later this year, Google could certainly benefit from having its miniature media player back in the spotlight.

Google Wallet

With Apple’s Apple Pay, we anticipate Google Wallet getting some love during I/O 2015.

The world is still wary of mobile payments, especially in the wake of massive credit card hacks, so it’s yet to be proven if Apple Pay (or any service) is the silver bullet to the anti-credit card conundrum. Despite that – or maybe because of it – we want Google to swing for the fences with a revamped Google Wallet.

The timing may be tricky as some US retailers are shunning Apple Pay in favor of their own mobile payment system, but we wouldn’t put it past Google to corral some big names into its tap-to-pay service circle.

Google Glass 2.0

The original version of Google Glass was shuttered earlier this year, with CEO Tony Fadell guiding development of its successor. While it might be too early for the next iteration of Glass to take the stage, we’re hoping to at least learn a little more about how Google is improving its flagship smartglasses.

Project Tango

Project Tango, meanwhile, is a Google tablet concept that combines virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D mapping into one.

Originally unveiled last year, Project Tango is also the subject of a dedicated session at Google IO 2015, which suggests it’s finally time to developers to learn how to create location-aware and spatial experiences that can take advantage of Google’s lead in this area.

We’ll be at the conference on Thursday, with the first keynote kicks off at 9:30 am (PST), so check back then to see all the news.

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