5 Must Have Android Wear Apps

With the recent release of Android Wear platform, users must be desperately looking for apps that could enhance the experience with their new wrist-gadgets. Here at Pocket Insider, we will take a look at 5 must have apps for the Android Wear platform.

Wear Mini Launcher

Most of the user interface on Android Wear adapted the Google Now approach by having cards appear that users could flip through. However, some apps could only be opened by either voice activation or scrolling through a lengthy list. The installation of Wear Mini Launcher addresses that problem; it allows users to simply pull up the app drawer by swiping the left edge of the screen to right from the main screen.

Once in the app drawer, apps will appear as icons and user could navigate about by swiping up or down. All associated apps that works with Android Wear will appear. In our opinion, this app saves a lot of time and definitely creates a more positive user experience.

Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini Launcher is available for FREE in the Play Store.

Wear Volume

This is a handy app to have when users are listening to music on-the-go. We understand that sometimes getting to devices are just not possible and this solves the problem. Need to crank up the volume because it’s your favorite jam? No problem! Simply hit the + button to increase the volume or – button to lower it.

Wear Volume

Wear Volume Control is available for FREE in the Play Store.

Wear Calc

Having a calculator app never harms and we found it extremely useful when a quick calculation is required. Yes, users could use the voice recognition to do it, but depending on the situation, sometimes it is just not plausible. This app is simple and easy to use, though it could benefit from icons that are slightly beefier to ensure that the right buttons are pressed.

Wear Calc

Wear Calc is available for FREE in the Play Store.

Watch Face-Modern Classics

The ability to change the watch face on Android Wear devices is a neat feature as many users like to freedom to customize the appearance of their devices. This watch face follows a classic yet modern design while having customizable icons that users could select from. It could display battery life, temperature, weather, pedometer and even the month and day of the week. This also has a black background that increases battery life during our usage as it takes advantage of the AMOLED screen on the Gear Live.

Modern Classic

Watch Face-Modern Classics is available for FREE in the Play Store.

Wear Camera

Wear Camera allows users to use their Wear devices as a view finder to capture pictures via the built-in camera on their device. It also allows users to pull up commands such as a timer or determine if a flash is required. We find this especially useful for taking pictures where a timer might not be possible.

Wear Camera

Watch Camera is available for FREE in the Play Store.

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