CES 2015: Hands-On: Invoxia Triby

Announced at CES 2015 this week, Invoxia’s Triby is designed to be used in the kitchen, with a rugged, rubber-lined frame and a magnetic back so users can stick it to the refrigerator.

With the accompanying app, which is Android and iOS compatible, users do not need a landline number to use the Triby. And thanks to specially designed In Vivo Acoustic technology, which uses two microphones to create a beam that removes background noise, users will no longer have that interference that they traditionally get from speakerphones.


What sets the Triby apart from the others is its unique Connected Post-It, which allows users to ‘write’ a message on the app and send it home to the Triby, and vice versa. Plus, Triby comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, so users can stream music from their devices or the Internet, or use the built-in FM radio.


Invoxia said that the battery could last for up to a month as it’s been designed to be energy-efficient.

The Triby will be available later this summer with a price tag of $199.

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