CES 2015: myCharge Debuts New Lines of Power Banks

At CES 2015, myCharge is debuting their new lines of power banks. myCharge’s new product lines are sleeker, smaller, and thinner, making them easier to carry to any destination. The ultra-thin and lightweight Hub series is back for 2015 and the Hub Mini, Plus and Max are 40% smaller than the 2014 versions. myCharge is also debuting the Hub Ultra, which packs an impressive 12,000 mAh capacity. And with Hyper-Charge Technology, the Hub Ultra will charge any iPhone, even the 6 Plus, 30% faster than the Apple supplied charging cable.


myCharge is also debuting its new ruggedized line of power banks. Constructed with military-grade materials, the All Terrain line of power banks are drop-proof, dust-proof, water-proof, temperature-proof and can withstand the clumsiest and most hardcore adventure lifestyles without losing power.


With an array of chargers that range from credit card thin to incredibly durable with extreme power storage capacities, myCharge’s new line of power banks for 2015 proves that the power is greener on the other side of the wall outlet.


All the new lines will be available early 2015. We will be covering full reviews on their lineup whenever we get our hands on them.

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