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ZAGG’s Speaker Case is not for everyone but for someone looking to enhance their audio from their iPhone in a variety of situations. While we would have liked to see some dedicated volume keys on the speaker itself, the ZAGG Speaker Case is still a pretty good purchase for the average consumer.

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We’ve taken a look at products from ZAGG in the past, ranging from glass screen protectors, to keyboard cases for the iPad. We first saw the ZAGG Speaker Case during CES 2015 with a little hands-on. Now, here’s our full in-depth review of the ZAGG Speaker Case.


  • A wireless Bluetooth speaker amplifies calls, music, videos, and more.
  • The case features a mute button and built-in microphone, plus the speaker can be removed and placed in an ideal listening position for conference calls and other uses.
  • A rechargeable 1,800mAh battery powers the speaker and provides reliable backup power to charge your phone, or you can share the power to a micro USB or Lightning device via the universal USB port.


Design & Build Quality

The ZAGG Speaker Case has a very conservative design. The large silver speaker grill catches the eye but beyond that, there isn’t much to this case aesthetically. The Speaker Case has three buttons above the speaker grill; mute, play/pause, and power. Surprisingly, there isn’t any dedicated volume keys on the device so any volume adjustments will have to be through the iPhone.

With the ability to remove the speaker from the case and use it externally, all that remains is a bumper case for the phone. The bumper case gives very little protection against drops and doesn’t serve well as a case in itself.

However, when paired with the detachable speaker, it gets a little more protection, but not much. We like that the speaker can be detached so that a user can use any case they want with the phone and still use the speaker via Bluetooth.


Battery Life

Battery life on the ZAGG Speaker Case was great. We charged the case via microUSB until the indicator displayed a full charge. In our test, we got ~10 hours of battery life before needing to recharge.

The Speaker Case also functions as an external battery for the iPhone. While this is great for a quick on-the-go charging, it’s not by any means a solution to fully charge the iPhone. Recharge time takes ~2 hours.

Audio Quality

In terms of audio, the ZAGG Speaker Case is pretty good. That being said, it is definitely not for the audiophile out there by any stretch of the imagination, but it will more than suffice for users looking to enhance their iPhone’s sound.

In our tests we found that the speaker did very well even with the volume set at 100%. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Final Thoughts

The ZAGG Speaker Case is a great fit for any average consumers needing the ability to get some extra boost on the audio. It doubles as a case to protect the iPhone too, not to mention that it also works as a battery pack that can provide up to ~10 additional hours, which is a definite plus. Overall, we really like the ZAGG Speaker Case.

The ZAGG Speaker Case can be purchased through ZAGG for $59.99.

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  1. Well the Zagg speaker case is good as a speaker but it increases the thickness of the phone to a great extent.

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